End-to-end energy system modelling is pivotal in the planning of a 100% sustainable and resilient energy system. The European green transition towards 2050 requires the modelling capabilities beyond the current state-of-the-art.

The Mopo project combines component tools producing input data to create model-ready datasets, scenario and workflow management, and medium and long-term energy system planning. The aim is to provide a user-friendly, open-source and validated set of tools to benefit decision-makers in network operation, industry and public authorities.



Do you work in these sectors?

Then, we need your valuable input enabling us to customize the energy system modelling toolset to meet your specific requirements and ensure that it may become an invaluable asset for you and other stakeholders in the future.

Tell us what types of results and features do you require from energy system models, what are the main benefits and downfalls of your current modelling solution, as well as your interest and constraints in changing the current solution.

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Tools are open-source and customisable


Lower emissions and energy costs


Reduction in CO2 emissions

Market transformation

Tools for market regulation, analysis and new business models


More efficient ways to test policy strategies and regulations